Avoid Damage to your machine caused by extended downtime

If your die casting machines are not under power for an extended period, You must read the following:

The below recommendations will help keep your machines in good running condition and minimize unplanned downtime:


  • If possible, it’s best to actually cast at least one hour a week.  This actuates solenoid valves used in the casting process reducing failures.
  • Schedule running of the hydraulic system pumps at least one hour each week while running the plant water cooling system.This will keep the machine temperature more consistent and maintain the corrosion and biocide treatment properties of the cooling water.  This will also allow the hydraulic fluid to circulate preventing  sticky valves. 
  • The machine die platen should be opened and closed manually, but with little locking force. 
  • The ejector and the injection system should be moved full stroke several times.
  • The toggle lubrication system operates only when the pumps are running.  This will supply lubrication to the bushings and linkage pins. 
  • Grease all machine fittings as per manual to keep points of motion lubricated


  • The die spray system should be flushed with clean water in order to remove residual die lubricant from the system.
  • If possible, use a filter pump cart to clean the fluid during the shutdown. 
  • Inspect and service the injection position sensor.  Hydraulic fluid may have leaked on the sensor causing it to stick.
  • Change machine hydraulic filters


  • This is also a good time to replace the backup batteries for the PLC and auxiliary equipment.

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