Injection Molding "Tech Talk Thursday" Webinar Series

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Thursday, May 27th @1:00PM CST - Injection Set-up Optimization

How to properly set up your injection speed and pressure profiles. Topics covered include: Using "Slope" for profiling, Standard vs. Expert Mode, Pressure Limited Issues, and Using Natural Pack.

Thursday, June 10th @1:00PM CST - Clamp Set-up Optimization

Discussion of proper clamp set-up including: Optimization of Clamp Movements, Setting up 3-Stage Mold Protection, Using Auto Tonnage, Setting up Ejectors, and Setting up Ejector Torque Monitor.

Thursday, June 24th @1:00PM CST - Production Management Tools

Discussion of leveraging the extensive production management tools available in the Shibaura Machine V50 and V70 controllers. Topics include: Start-up and Soft Start features, Production Planning Tools, Barrel Heat Calendar Function.

Thursday, July 15th @1:00PM CST - Password Protected User Log-In

Discussion of the access control features of the Shibaura Machine V50 and V70 controllers. Topics include: How to Set Up Users, Password Functions, History Traceability, and Setting Up User Permissions.

Thursday, July 29th @1:00PM CST - Process Monitoring Optimization

Discussion of the extensive SPC/SQC functionality of the Shibaura Machine V50 and V70 controllers. Topics covered include: Choosing parameters to monitor, Setting a reference, Setting proper tolerances, Setting Up Monitoring Alarms, and Use of Trend Charts.

Thursday, August 12th @1:00PM CST - "Lights Out" Molding

Discussion of "Lights Out" Molding. Topic covered include: Setting up "Manned" and "Un-manned" modes, Notifications, and Use of iPAQET Remote Monitoring/Data Management.

Thursday, August 26th @1:00PM CST - Selecting the Proper Screw Design

A discussion of the different Shibaura Machine screw designs and how they apply to different materials and applications.