Improving OEE with All-Electric Machines

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, January 31, 2022 - Stops in production, whether planned or not, create Availability Loss on the factory floor. While it isn’t always possible to eliminate changeover time, being able to significantly reduce it along with unplanned downtime can greatly affect Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

All-electric injection molding machines continually come out on top when compared to their hydraulic counterparts, especially when uptime is in question. As the most reliable type of machine on the market, using electric servo motors and ball screws give them the ability to make compound movements without needing to worry about hydraulic oil, ambient temperatures, sticking valves, or noisy pumps is a huge game changer to achieve higher uptime.

As all-electric machines advance, many major manufacturers are taking note. Several additional factors to consider when reviewing how all-electric machines achieve greater uptime to improve OEE Availability include:

Less energy and maintenance 

Compared to hydraulic machines which have numerous moving parts and consume large amounts of energy for cooling, our SXIII series all-electric machines only require energy when working and have minimal components.

Another factor to consider is that all-electric machines don’t require machine cooling of hydraulic oil. The cooling water used on hydraulic machines consumes large amounts of energy and require frequent maintenance. 

No hydraulic oil 

It’s a big difference not having to use hydraulic oil which is not only costly, but can lead to leaks causing downtime and safety hazards. Oil not only creates a slippery, hazardous work environment during mold changes, but has to be warmed upon every start-up, replaced periodically, and disposed of. The SXIII series uses servo electric motors to actuate all of the machines motions, therefore no hydraulic oil is required. This means shorter start-up times and less downtime for maintenance and unplanned safety issues.

Quiet and fast

The SXIII series is extremely quiet while running meaning operators are no longer required to wear hearing protection while operating the machine. This offers an improved manufacturing environment with less fatigue on plant personnel throughout the day.

These machines can do more with improved precision. With a typically higher injection speed and faster clamp motion, the SXIII is also digitally controlled by the V70 which means a more predictable production process with extremely high positioning accuracy. The V70 controller brings numerous functionalities and features at the users fingertips to allow them to increase operating efficiency and reduce downtime. 

Start Achieving Greater Uptime

The SXIII all-electric injection molding machine can help your factory start improving OEE. Contact our team to learn more about what features the machine and V70 controller have to help you reach your production goals.

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Contact us today to discuss how our all-electric technology can improve your OEE!

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