Enhance Versatility with Shibaura Machine’s Orbit Boring Function

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, September 14, 2021

Whether your shop has high speed finishing or heavy duty machining applications, orbit boring is worth a consideration. With Shibaura Machine’s orbit boring function you can not only remove metal faster, but it is well suited for large and complex shapes. 

Optimize Productivity and Profitability

The orbit boring function operates by leveraging Shibaura Machine’s mission to manufacture solutions that provide optimum productivity and profitability for our customers. 

Orbital boring controls the spindle so that the spindle tool can always turn the direction of arc radius (normal direction) during circular interpolation with x-axes and y-axes. When a program for the z-x plane is executed under this condition, profile machining is performed (turning). In other words, in the turning mode function the machine spindle replaces the x-y circular axes movement and the boring is executed during the turning operation according to the turning program (z-x). With the orbit boring function it is also possible to replace the x-y circular movement with elliptical movement if the surface profile requires.

The orbit boring function enhances the use of the machine and eliminates the need to purchase additional components or a special-purpose machine. It is suitable for flange surface, groove, taper hole, tapered boss, spherical hole, spherical boss and elliptical surface cutting applications.

One Machine, Many Possibilities

The orbit boring function is available on the Shibaura Machine BMC-Series horizontal machining centers with the latest TOSNUC CNC control. Contact the Machine Tool team to learn more.



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