Automated Machine Tool Health Checks Improve Productivity

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, November 22, 2021 - 

Time is money. Being able to quickly identify problems when it comes to machine set-up, collisions, and wear can help shops save on both performance and profitability. Probing also offers both an easy and reliable process for analyzing overall machine health and providing accurate data which is key to precision machining.

Shibaura Machine’s partnership with Metrology Resource Group (MRG) as our integrator in the installation and application assistance of the RMP60 Renishaw probing systems allow our machine tool customers the ability to cost-effectively identify and report on overall machine health that can improve process setting times and overall productivity. 

Quick & Reliable Machine Tool Health Checks

Being able to increase automation and reduce human intervention allows your shop to extract more throughput from existing assets, decrease re-work, and overall reduce total cost of ownership. Automated probing routines provide accurate and repeatable test results that gather performance data from a reference artifact, and include simple and powerful analysis. 

Several key capabilities of the probe when it comes to overall machine health check include:

  • Utilizing probing coupled with calibration artifacts to monitor machine tool performance, repeatability, and determine process capability in order to verify the machine is capable of the required tolerances
  • Automated inspection reporting to track quality presented and hard copy provided for future reference
  • Taking human error and decision making out of the inspection process
  • Ability to measure parts in the machine before removing them, eliminating the need to re-work parts that are not to spec, and the need for large hand gages

Ultimately, all different configurations of machine tools can benefit from probing when it comes to analyzing and reporting on overall machine health. The capabilities mentioned in this article add up to improved responsiveness, productivity, and quality of work. To learn more about our cost-effective way to analyze and report on machine performance contact us.


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