Improve Part Program Usability with the TOSNUC 999 Macro Programming Function

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, February 22, 2022 - 

Macro programming for CNC machining provides shops countless benefits. It offers both power and flexibility, allowing machinists to implement improvements in just about every facet of a CNC environment. Many shops utilize programming with macro to help reduce downtime, production run time, maintenance time, and simplify what can be complex tasks for setup personnel and operators.

Shibaura Machine’s proprietary TOSNUC CNC control Macro Programming Function offers features that significantly increase the usability of various part programs and make it easier to understand what the G-code is doing. As such, operators can more easily create their own cycles and improve efficiency.

Examples of Macro Programming

There are a multitude of ways to use CNC macro programming. Several popular applications include:

  • Reworking parts to tell the part program the amount of variable part stock and which series of steps to execute.
  • Deep hole custom drilling can be put into a subprogram, shared across the G-code and used as needed.
  • Adjusting the program tool path to accommodate material variations for the same part.
  • Ensure repeatability with automated setup of modular fixturing.

Being able to use these applications are just a few ways that macro programming offers improved productivity and prove to be a powerful tool on your shop floor.

How TOSNUC 999 Helps

In order to offer the machinist help with CNC macro programming the TOSNUC 999 Macro Programming Function makes the following possible:

  • Part programs of several blocks can be executed in one block command.
  • Variable expressions can be utilized in place of numerical value of the part program word.
  • Unconditional GO and IF commands can be utilized in a part program.
  • Variables can be set and changed by means of a program command.
  • Values can be set to variables in the form of an expression.
  • In a part program, a variable expression can be utilized in place of the numerical value of an arbitrary address word.
  • A single part program can be called from another part program.
  • A single part program can be modally called or by means of G or M code.

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Learn more about how the macro programming features available on the TOSNUC 999 control can help improve your shop productivity. Contact our Machine Tool team today.

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