Understanding the Design Principals of Machine Enclosures

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, May 9, 2022 - 

Machine enclosures have quickly become mainstream as a way to ensure your machine is operating as efficiently as possible and improve your work zone environment. The enclosure not only contains chip and coolant but determines the overall outer esthetic appearance of the machine tool. 

The type of machine enclosure utilized can vary. It largely depends on the axis of travel and swing clearance offered by the machine tool. The factors that go into play for the design of an enclosure are numerous, but a few design principles remain constant. Some that are commonly considered are rigidity, coolant control, esthetic considerations, and overall cost. 

Consider These Design Principles

In addition to the design principles mentioned above, Shibaura Machine takes the characteristics below into consideration during the design phase to ensure a machine enclosure is designed to meet its current and future needs.


With machines today being more modular, a similar enclosure design makes sense. Enclosures designed with the ability to scale can save time and money. This allows the factory to standardize its machine tool enclosure design.

Esthetic Appearance

The outside of the enclosure needs to look seamless and clean, while the interior should present a clean look as well.


Consider factors such as windows for work zone visibility and internal panels to protect components. Shibaura Machine enclosures may also contain an access door to provide access to the work zone without having to open the full enclosure.

Partner With Shibaura Machine

Enclosures play a vital role in the protection and performance of your machinery and the management of your shop environment. Careful consideration during the design phase will increase your machine efficiency and help you in producing a cost-effective, functional, and esthetically pleasing enclosure.


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