Considerations when using large cutting tools

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, October 18, 2022 - 

When searching for the appropriate tooling for your machining application there are many different factors that should be considered. From speeds and feeds to workpiece shape and material, and even how much power delivered or the design of the machine tool these can all help decide what cutting tool you use for your machining process.

Using larger tools to do the cutting allows shops the ability to perform at a higher metal removal rate. This allows shops to explore new capabilities, programming more complex geometries, solve difficult applications such as interrupted cuts, and take on jobs that require larger cutting tools. Large cut machining may be performed with a combination of tooling or one large cutter but keep in mind with the heavier weight and size your machine tool will need to have the capability to carry them with ease. 

Taking on Large Cutting Tool Applications

All Shibaura Machines are designed for the use of CAT50 taper tool holders with dual contact capability on most applications except when you get into our mother machines where its common to have a 60 taper tool holder. Tool weight capacity starts at 35Kg (77lbs) on the 50 taper tool holders and higher weight capacities on the mother machines.  Some of our standard boring mills, double column and turning machines have tool lengths of 600mm (24 inches) and options that provide longer tool capacity solutions. Depending on the factors mentioned above this will help you decide which machine and cutting tool holders are best for your application on any model of Shibaura Machine whether its a horizontal boring machine, double column machine or vertical turning machine.

What Option is Best For Your Shop?

As a manufacturer, we understand the challenges you are faced with today. Tighter tolerances, the need for more capacity, and improved margins requires not only a machine tool with increased capabilities and precision but also efficiency and production speed. Being able to use large tool holders on a reliable machine tool offers a new competitive advantage whether its fine machining or heavy duty roughing.

When it comes to choosing the best tool holder configuration for your shop, our Machine Tool team can help you find the right solution.

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