Boost Your CNC Machining Confidence: On-Site Training Explained

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, March 7, 2023 - 

As the manufacturing industry continues to grow and evolve, it's becoming increasingly important for companies to invest in their workforce through proper training programs.

In the world of machine tools, on-site training is a valuable tool to ensure that operators have the necessary skills to use the equipment effectively and safely. Shibaura Machine’s on-site training for machine tools involves bringing experienced technicians and trainers to your company to provide hands-on instruction and guidance to the operators and maintenance personnel. 

On-Site Training Agenda

The agenda provides a comprehensive overview of the equipment and covers both manual and automatic control training. With a focus on hands-on learning, trainees will have the opportunity to practice using the machine with the guidance of an experienced trainer for up to five days. 

Day 1: Introduction, Machine Inspection, General Control Layout

We begin the first day of training with the machine tool being inspected by the trainer. This includes spindle rotation, the center of rotation, home positions, and tool changers. All parameters and macros are also backed up. The trainees receive basic instructions on the control and machine layout, along with an understanding of the proper machine shutdown procedure.

Day 2: Manual Machine Control Training

During day two, trainees will learn how to control machines manually, starting with power-up and using the control screen. As part of the training session, the trainer will discuss manual mode and axis review, programmable buttons, MDI, tool change and recovery, as well as the offset settings for parts and tools. 

Day 3: Auto Machine Control Training

The third day will begin with a review of the machine power-up and control screen and then focus on auto-machine control training. The trainer will discuss program loading and backing up, program editing, tool change, and recovery, offset setting for parts and tools, program select and run, and probe set-up and programming (subject to machine tool options).

Day 4 and 5: Optional Trainee Days

On days four and five, trainees can continue to get to know the machine and control, with a trainer on hand to answer questions. By the end of the training, operators should feel comfortable working efficiently and effectively in a safe manner.

Request On-Site Training

On-site training reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, improves efficiency and output quality, maximizes the potential of the machines, increases employee morale and job satisfaction, and is a wise investment that ultimately leads to a more successful business.

Shibaura Machine’s training programs are designed to ensure that customers are fully equipped to operate and maintain their machines effectively, leading to improved productivity and efficiency in their operations. Our training programs are meant for operators with previous CNC machine tool experience and are included with the purchase of a new machine tool. Current machine tool customers may also request additional training by contacting our Machine Tool team.

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