Navigating the Electric Vehicle Shift: Advanced Machine Tools for Modern Automotive Production

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, November 21, 2023 - 

As the automotive industry evolves, multitasking machine tools play an increasingly important role. With these tools, cycle times can be reduced and efficiency can be enhanced across applications for both electric vehicles and internal combustion engines. 

As electric vehicles become increasingly prevalent in the industry, manufacturers are adapting their strategies to make full use of these machine tools. The following are two popular multitasking machine tools to consider for navigating the future of automotive manufacturing.

Strategic Machine Tool Solutions for Evolving Automotive Demands

The production processes for electric vehicles (EV) differ significantly from those for internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. EVs typically have fewer parts in their powertrain, leading to a reduced volume of metal removal. However, the complexity of these parts is often greater, necessitating a strategic rethink by manufacturers. Responding to these changes is essential for staying competitive and maximizing growth opportunities.

Double Column and Horizontal Boring Machines: Precision Engineering for EV and ICE

Shibaura Machine's MP-2620(U), a double column machining center, and the BTH-130.R24, a horizontal boring machine, are at the forefront of addressing the diverse needs of both EV and ICE manufacturing.

  • High Precision: The MP-2620(U) excels in intricate ICE components, showcasing its precision and detail-oriented capabilities. Its adaptability also makes it well-suited for a variety of EV manufacturing needs, including the complex applications involved in battery component production. 
  • Increased Flexibility: The BTH-130.R24 is designed for single-piece die cast molds, increasingly prevalent in EV manufacturing. Its precision and flexibility make it essential for producing complex parts for both EV and ICE vehicle types.
  • Large Workpiece Capacity: Both machines are capable of handling substantial automotive components, a critical requirement in the industry.
  • Advanced Technological Features: Equipped for multi-axis applications, these machines are crucial to modern automotive manufacturing. The high-speed spindle boasted by both machine tools further facilitates efficient material removal.
  • Efficiency and Productivity: Designed for high-volume production demands, these machines also feature the TOSNUC or FANUC advanced control system, which enhances productivity and minimizes errors.
  • Strategic Space Utilization: While both machines require significant floor space, their size contributes to their capability, making them strategic choices for well-planned manufacturing setups.
  • Investment Value: Both machines represent long-term value in producing high-quality automotive components. 

Embracing the Future with Innovative Machine Tools

Shibaura Machine is at the forefront of adapting to the changing manufacturing landscape, especially in the automotive industry. Along with multi-tasking machine tools, our Digital Services Division focuses on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) providing solutions to further optimize operations with machiNetCloud.

Shibaura Machine's commitment to providing adaptable and cutting-edge machine tools and technology solutions ensures we not only meet the current demands of the automotive industry but also stay ahead of future trends. This forward-thinking approach guarantees our customers are fully equipped to smoothly transition into the era of EV production.

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