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Vertical Boring & Turning Mill TDS Machine

TDS series is used to manufacture large diameter and heavy work pieces with exceptional accuracy and productivity


Swing/Cut - Metric (mm)


Cut Height - Metric (mm)


Z Stroke - Metric (mm)


Table Size - Metric (mm)


Max Load - Metric (Kgs)

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Swing/Cut inch(mm) 157.5 (4000)
Cut Height inch(mm) 98.4 (2500)
X Stroke inch(mm) -80.7 ~ 84.6 (-2050 ~ 2150)
Z Stroke inch(mm) 59.0 (1500)
ARM/Crossrail Vertical Travel Not NC-Axis inch(mm) 68.9 (1750)
TABLE size inch(mm) 118.1 (3000)
Max. load lbs(kg) 66000 (30000)
Table RPM 150
ATC Tool Pod 24
Control FANUC 31iB

BIG PLUS, 5-face cutter head designed for AATC

Standard 5-face cutter head is designed and manufactured for the tool shank of BIG-PLUS. (AATC, AAI compatible)

Automatic attachment indexing device (AAI - 5degee or -1degree)

There are two ways for program as bellow. Automatic indexing at every 5 degree or every 1 degree: M37C. When selected three-dimensional coordinate conversion in CNC: G37C.

Scale feedback on X, Y and Z Linear axes.

All linear axes are designed with servo drive mechanism in order to achieve high rigidity and high accuracy.

SHAPE recognition preview control function (CNC SHAPE)

Shape recognition preview positioning control (CNC shape II). Target are accurate shape and smooth surface in contouring surface machining.

Automatic measuring RENISHAW probe

This unit consists of a radio touch probe made by Renishaw, a standard measuring software designed by Shibaura Machine and calibration block for checking compensation value of touch probe.

Automatic Tool length measuring unit (BLUM) for vertical spindle only

This unit is located at the left corner of floor plate. Only vertical spindle center point tools correspond. Reference tool for calibration is excluded.

SNOUT 240 designed for AATC (Optional)

Maximum speed of Snout 240 spindle: 6,000 RPM. An attachment cooling unit is attached. (AATC, AAI compatible)

1-degree indexing head designed for AATC (Optional)

1-degree indexing head. (AATC, AAI compatible) Please contact Shibaura Machine representative for more details.