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Vertical Boring & Turning Mill TUE Machine

Workpieces made of various kind of material can be machined on the machine of wall type column with high rigidity and wide table speed


Swing/Cut - Metric (mm)


Cut Height - Metric (mm)


Z Stroke - Metric (mm)


Table Size - Metric (mm)


Max Load - Metric (Kgs)

Request Quote
Swing/Cut inch(mm) 94.5 (2400)
Cut Height inch(mm) 61 (1550)
X Stroke inch(mm) -1.97 ~ 53.1 (-50 ~ 1350)
ARM/Crossrail Vertical Travel (Not NC Axis) 39.3 (1,000)
Z Stroke inch(mm) 35.4 (900)
TABLE size inch(mm) 78.7 (2000)
Max. load lbs(kg) 33000 (15000)
Table RPM 240
Live Spindle RPM 3,000
ATC Tool Pod 18
Control FANUC 0i-TF

Dual Face Contact, Coolant Through Spindle (CTS)

Dual face contact with coolant through spindle function is standard feature

Linear Scale Feedback (X-axis)

X-axis linear scale feedback in order to achieve high accuracy

Scale feedback on X, Y and Z Linear axes.

All linear axes are designed with servo drive mechanism in order to achieve high rigidity and high accuracy.

Live Spindle (15 ~ 3000 RPM)

Live spindle head, AC 25/20 HP, 15 ~ 3,000 RPM

7/24 taper No. 50

Type of tool shank, 7/24 taper No. 50

Accessible slide door

The accessible slide door is designed for easier access to tool holder insert without executing a tool change

SNOUT 240 designed for AATC (Optional)

Maximum speed of Snout 240 spindle: 6,000 RPM. An attachment cooling unit is attached. (AATC, AAI compatible)

1-degree indexing head designed for AATC (Optional)

1-degree indexing head. (AATC, AAI compatible) Please contact Shibaura Machine representative for more details.