Monitor Injection Molding Energy Consumption Easily on the SXIII Series

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, February 16, 2022 - Plastic injection molding machine drive technology has evolved dramatically over the decades. One of the most significant changes is the all-electric servo drive design in comparison to traditional hydraulic machines. The all-electric machine brings improved energy consumption and efficiency, but just how much is the question many manufacturers want to know.

When the electric bill arrives it is based on total demand, peak performance, and power for the entire facility. Shibaura Machine has put the power of knowing the energy consumption for the SXIII all-electric injection molding machine in your hands using the V70 controller’s new Energy Consumption monitoring tool. This function tracks the kWh on the entire machine, specific motors and barrel heaters, while providing the data in user-friendly graphs and charts.

Improve Energy Consumption and Efficiency

Armed with the data from the Energy Consumption monitoring tool on the V70 controller, users are able to take action to further reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency. This tool breaks down power consumption from the injection, clamp, barrel heaters, ejection, and charge. It also allows for users to pull up the average electric power of 1 shot per cycle and the electricity rate in one of the following settings:

  • Electricity rate per 1 shot
  • Electricity rate per day
  • Electricity rate per month

Users can use this monitoring tool to easily see electricity consumption trends over specific periods of time. This is especially helpful to help predict future energy usage based on similar production volumes.

The graph below is showing the electricity consumption amount per minute, up to 60 minutes. Users can also track per day, as well as review daily and monthly details through the past year which can be exported for reporting and monitoring purposes.

Energy use in injection molding is variable and controllable. With the data found in the Energy Consumption monitoring tool users can better understand machine power usage for specific production runs. This insight can help you predict facility energy usage for specific periods of time and aid in creating a more informed energy management process.

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Contact the Injection Molding Machine team to learn more about the Energy Consumption monitoring tool and all the features on the V70 controller. 

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