Shibaura Machine’s Quill Machining Strategy Provides Performance and Cost Advantage

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, September 21, 2021

When it comes to obtaining the highest level of profitability in CNC shops, many go on the hunt for different technologies, tools, and processes. Often overlooked is quill (bar) style horizontal machining. Quills have an important role to play and can make a tremendous difference in your overall objective of keeping a competitive edge and growing profit margins. 

When it comes to helping shops optimize their machining processes, selecting the right quill on a horizontal boring mill or horizontal spindle machining center is extremely useful. A well-designed quill can provide the rigidity and accuracy required for close tolerances and offer the durability to assure a long lasting performance. Shibaura Machine brand quill style machines are often used in the leading machine tool users within the automotive, energy, aerospace and construction/mining industries.

Save Time and Money with Quill Machining

It is more economical and efficient for machine tool users to implement a quill design spindle instead of using numerous extended tool lengths to increase work zones to reach each surface or bore. Using our standard quill interface to suit unique requirements can be used over and over again offering cost savings. 

When a shop uses a quill style horizontal machine it also allows them to reduce the number of cutting tools of varying lengths that are normally needed for different applications. This offers a significant performance boost by saving users time by eliminating unnecessary tool changes. 

Gain a True Advantage

Besides time and cost savings, quill machining can make you stand out from the crowd quickly. The accuracy and repeatability of Shibaura Machine quill horizontal boring machine models make them an ideal option for face milling, heavy duty boring or drilling operations. Additionally, the high rigidity and overall performance offered gives shops peace of mind when it comes to reliability and overall lifespan. 

Shibaura Machine Company, America offers a full range of horizontal boring machines models (BTD, BTH, BP, BF and BSF) from 110mm, 130mm, 150mm to 180mm diameter quills, otherwise known as bars in both table type, planer or floor type machine tools. Our 1000mm pallet size horizontal machining center model BM-1000Q also comes with a 200mm diameter quill.

Contact us to learn more about our horizontal boring mills and horizontal spindle machining centers that offer quills.


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