Get the Most Out of Your TOSNUC 999 CNC Controller

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, January 04, 2023 - 

Going into 2023 are you taking advantage of everything your CNC control can do for you? The TOSNUC 999 provides plenty of manufacturing advantages with its user-friendly interface and functions. 

Designed with the machinist in mind, Shibaura Machine’s proprietary TOSNUC CNC Controller meets many machining needs. Developed by our own application engineers it can control turning, milling, drilling, boring, and even complex 5 axis applications. With the ability to complete most work from a single screen it not only greatly reduces setup times, but significantly improves operability. 

Make an Impact With These Functions

Not only do the functions on the controller make machinists' lives easier, but brings the shop increased productivity and efficiency. Try these popular TOSNUC controller functions out and see the change for yourself:

Customizing Keys

Even novice machinists can speed up processes and lessen the learning curve with the Customized Keys function. By touching a single or double key pattern, machinists can execute specific operations quickly and continuously instead of entering multi-key strokes. 

Multi-Window and Editing

Create CNC programs with ease leveraging the triple window screen and multi-editing capabilities. The controller can split into three separate screens to simultaneously display two separate programs, while being able to still perform editing. Using the Multi-Window display, operators can then utilize a previously made program to easily create a new program.

Triple Teaching Function

The TOSNUC 999 stores all data created by operators as CNC programs, making simultaneous machining and programming even easier using the three teaching functions (Manual, MDI, and Auto).

LAN Linkage

Programs and data can be transferred from the controller and host computer via the LAN Linkage function. This function creates a seamless integration to allow for easy data exchange.

USB Flash Drive and Compact Flash

The TOSNUC 999 has a USB port and compact flash card slot so operators can easily download and upload part programs.  

Besides these highlighted functions, the TOSNUC 999 offers numerous other features to enhance the use of your Shibaura machine tool. From being able to utilize macro programming to allow operators to create their own cycles, to writing custom M-codes and simple G-codes, the TOSNUC 999 controller capabilities make life easier and improve shops' return on investment.

Explore the Benefits of the TOSNUC 999 Controller

The TOSNUC 999 controller is designed to meet modern manufacturing needs with minimal operator experience. Contact the Machine Tool team to learn more about all the functions available on your TOSNUC 999 controller and how you can increase machine tool productivity in 2023.


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