When Size Does Not Determine Accuracy: Breaking Stereotypes with Large Machine Tools

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, May 30, 2023 - 

In the world of machine tools, precision is often associated with smaller workzone machines or those with limited travel or reach. It's as if the prevailing belief is that accuracy diminishes as the size and scope of the machine increase. However, Shibaura Machine's BSF Series Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill challenges this notion and reshapes our understanding of precision and performance in the context of large-scale applications.

The Unparalleled Accuracy of Large Machine Tools

While large in footprint, the Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill showcases expertise in innovative engineering. With its extensive travel and reach, this machine defies the conventional belief that larger machines sacrifice accuracy for size. On the contrary, this large machine tool achieves unparalleled precision, rivaling even smaller workzone machines or those with limited travel or reach.

As a machinist you know accuracy is paramount in achieving optimal results for machining operations. Every aspect, from the robust structure to the advanced control systems, is designed with utmost care to deliver consistent and reliable accuracy, even in the face of demanding applications.

Rigidity and Stability

To ensure the machine's robust construction, combined with high-quality materials, the castings are produced in our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. This provides unparalleled rigidity and stability during operation, thereby guaranteeing precise machining even under heavy cutting loads.

High-Performance Spindle 

The machine features a powerful and high-performance spindle designed for exceptional rigidity and accuracy. This spindle enables precise cutting and reduces any deflection or deviation, resulting in superior surface finishes and dimensional accuracy.

Intelligent Control Systems

With sophisticated algorithms and precision feedback mechanisms, both the TOSNUC and FANUC control systems further enhance the accuracy. These systems optimize the machine's performance and compensate for any potential errors, maintaining precise positioning and machining throughout the process.

Accurate Positioning and Programming

Machinists can easily program complex machining operations and expect accurate and repeatable results, with precise positioning systems and intuitive programming interfaces regardless of the machine's size or travel capabilities.

Size is No Obstacle

The Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill is a testament to Shibaura Machine’s unwavering dedication to precision and accuracy. With meticulous engineering, advanced features, and intelligent control systems, Shibaura Machine continues to redefine industry standards, providing customers with unparalleled accuracy and performance.

Whether you require precision machining for large-scale components or intricate details, size is no obstacle to achieving ultimate accuracy in the world of advanced machine tools. 

Contact the Machine Tool team to learn more about the BSF Series.


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