Maximizing Horizontal Boring Machine Performance with TOSNUC and FANUC CNC Control Systems

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, March 28, 2023 - 

Horizontal Boring Machines (HBM) have quickly become a critical component in the manufacturing process of various industries, and their precision and efficiency are vital for achieving high-quality results. 

One of the key elements of a horizontal boring machine is the CNC control system, which plays a critical role in determining the accuracy, reliability, and productivity of the machine. Designed with the operator in mind, many of Shibaura Machine’s horizontal boring machines allow the machinist the freedom to choose between two advanced CNC control systems: TOSNUC and FANUC

Both of these systems offer powerful features and functions that can help you achieve precise and efficient machining results. In this article, we'll take a closer look at each of these CNC control systems and how they can benefit your machining operations.

Optimizing Productivity with TOSNUC Control

The TOSNUC control is Shibaura Machine’s proprietary system designed and manufactured in-house. It is a high-performance CNC control system used for a range of machine tools, one of them being horizontal boring machines, including the BTH-130.R24.

The TOSNUC control system offers impactful features and functions, with the ability to complete most work from a single screen on an easy-to-use interface. It allows operators to control multiple axes of motion and monitor machine operations in real-time and provides clear and intuitive menus that make it easy for operators to set up and program machining operations. The real-time monitoring also allows operators to quickly identify and resolve issues that may arise.

The Customized Keys feature on the TOSNUC is a game-changer for all machinists. With a simple touch of a single or double key pattern, machinists can use these “hot keys” to execute specific operations quickly and continuously without the need for multiple keystrokes, greatly speeding up processes and reducing the learning curve for novice machinists.

The TOSNUC also offers a triple window screen and multi-editing capabilities to simplify the process of creating NC programs. The controller can split into three separate screens, enabling operators to simultaneously display two separate programs while still being able to perform editing. With the Multi-Window display, machinists can utilize previously created programs to easily create new ones.

Another key advantage of the TOSNUC is its Triple Teaching function. This allows all data created by operators to be stored as NC programs, enabling simultaneous machining and programming by using the three teaching methods (Manual, MDI, and Auto). This function can greatly increase efficiency and reduce errors in the programming process.

For horizontal boring machines, the TOSNUC control system is specifically designed to provide precise control over the cutting process. It allows operators to easily program and adjust cutting parameters while also offering features such as tool length compensation, tool radius compensation, and automatic tool changer. The TOSNUC control system provides an efficient and reliable control solution for horizontal boring machines, helping operators to achieve high-quality and accurate machining results.

Streamlining Machining Processes with FANUC Control

The FANUC control is another high-performance CNC system available on some Shibaura Machine horizontal boring machines. FANUC is a leading manufacturer of CNC systems for machine tools and this control system offers a range of advanced features and functions.

The FANUC control system is known for its high-speed and high-precision capabilities, which help to achieve accurate and efficient machining results. It also offers a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use programming options, making it an ideal solution for operators of all skill levels.

For horizontal boring machines like the BTH-130.R24 the FANUC control system provides a range of advanced features and functions to streamline the machining process. It allows operators to easily program and control multiple axes of motion, including spindle speed, feed rate, and depth of cut. It also offers features such as tool length and tool radius compensation, automatic tool changer, and adaptive control.

At Shibaura Machine, the FANUC control system is integrated with the horizontal boring machines to provide reliable and efficient control over the machining process. The FANUC control system allows operators to program and adjust cutting parameters quickly and accurately, resulting in high-quality machining results and improved productivity.

Maximize Machine Performance

Both CNC control systems are designed to optimize productivity and accuracy in machining operations, and have been proven a reliable choice for various industries such as aerospace, energy, and automotive. With the advanced TOSNUC and FANUC controls, customers have the option to choose which innovative system they want to leverage in order to meet the demands of modern manufacturing.

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