Taking LSR Molding to a Higher Level with All-Electric Technology

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, August 20, 2021 -Liquid silicone rubber molding is experiencing demand growth like never before in North America. While many manufacturers are considering whether to invest in a dedicated  liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding machine, what if you could have an all-electric LSR machine with the option to convert to thermoplastic molding if needed?

Shibaura Machine’s all-electric injection molding machine offers shops just that. This affordable, repeatable machine offers manufacturers the ability to grow their LSR molding business, while providing the option to convert back to thermoplastic. And because no hydraulic oil is needed, this all-electric machine offers less potential for contamination compared to hydraulic counterparts.

Why Choose LSR?

LSR molders enjoy easy repeatability, quick time to market, and added design flexibility to achieve complex part features and consistencies. This makes the process popular in a variety of industries including medical, automotive, infant care, general industrial markets, aerospace, and electronics. One of the biggest reasons for choosing LSR is that properties and the material remain stable over a range of extreme temperatures — whether hot or cold.

Advantages of Shibaura Machine’s LSR Technology

Shibaura Machine’s state-of-the-art All-Electric Injection Molding Machine offers a reliable and fully integrated LSR technology. 

Specific features to the machine include:

  • Quick Release LSR Barrel
  • Easy to Maintain Water Jacket
  • On Screen Control of HR
  • 8 Zone Water Distribution (option to add up to 12)
  • Water Cooled Platens
  • Spring Loaded Poppet Non-Return Valve
  • CPM Zero Compression Screw with Non-Shear Mixer
  • Liquid Silicone Style Water-Cooled Pneumatic Shut-Off Nozzle
  • 14:1 ~16:1 L/D CPM Zero Compression Screw
  • Programmable Outputs
  • Dual Air Blow

Also available as optional features: vacuum for mold venting, LSR pumping station, and static mixer. 

The machine also includes a fully-integrated 8 zone mold heat control for LSR molds or thermoplastic use (option up to 24 Zones), quick power disconnect and thermocouples on thermoplastic barrel, as well as water cooled tungsten carbide barrel for LSR. 

All-Electric LSR Molding

Being able to employ both molding processes in one machine not only saves space, but improves capital equipment investment. The benefits of LSR technology provide consistency and cost-effectiveness for a wide variety of applications. Contact the injection molding team at Shibaura Machine to learn more about how our all-electric technology is an ideal fit for LSR molding.


Contact us today to learn more abut our all-electric LSR molding solutions!

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