The Benefits of 5 axis 3+2 Machining with Shibaura Machine

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, June 29, 2021

Looking into 5 axis machining? It’s gaining a lot of attention today and for good reason. However, if your shop is considering a move to a 5 axis machine you should also read up on 3+2 machining. Most machining applications only require the positioning that 3+2 machining offers and can save time and improve operations.  

The Benefits of 3+2 Machining

3+2 machining allows for a shorter, more rigid cutting tool than otherwise permissible. This technique allows for faster feeds, speeds, and less deflection than longer slender tools. With this, a better surface finish and more accurate dimensional results can be achieved with a lower cycle time.

Additional benefits include:

  • Shorter tool movements
  • Fewer lines of program code
  • Less machine setups
  • Can reduce or eliminate operations for secondary operations on EDM machining

3+2 Machining Made Easy

CNC control programming technology has evolved to the point that 5 axes, 3+2 axes machining operations is now as simple as 3 axes machining. Shibaura Machine offers customers the benefits of 5 axes, 3+2 machining on both the TOSNUC and Fanuc CNC controls. This “tilted work planes” feature developed by CNC control builders is a 3-dimensional coordinate conversion to assist in programming 5 axes, 3 + 2 axes machining operations to a specific tool orientation.

The tilted work plane is available for use on Shibaura Machine Double Column machines model MPJ-M and MP-(U), and Horizontal Boring Machines model BP and BTH.

TOSNUC Control

The command for the tilted work plane is G14. Basically the 3 dimensional coordinate system is rotated and shifted by the G14 programmed command. Coordinate system (X, Y, Z) G92 is prior to the G14 command. Coordinate system (X1, Y1, Z1) is created after rotating the current system by 0 around rotating axes vector E.

Fanuc Control 

The command for tilted work planes is G68, which gives the machine the ability to define the work plane by Euler angles, roll-pitch-yaw, 3 points, 2 vectors and projection angles. 5 axes machine with table/table or dual rotary table configurations accomplish this by simply rotating to align the work plane to be parallel in the XY-plane and perpendicular to the spindle Z axes or head/head or articulating head 5 axis machines achieve the required orientations by rotating and aligning the spindle tool axis to be perpendicular to the work plane.

Consider utilizing this capability for any workpiece that creates challenging cutting conditions when simultaneous 5-axis machining is not required. If your shop is ready to add this processing capability contact our experts at Shibaura Machine America to learn more at

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