Minimizing Injection Molding Complexity without Compromising Capability

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, February 10, 2021 – The convenience of your injection molding machine controller correlates directly with your factory production efficiency.  A controller that is not only powerful but offers intuitive operation, simple navigation, and a smart user interface offers a competitive edge and the ability to improve overall equipment effectiveness. 

Shibaura Machine remains committed to developing products that offer our customers ways to do things simpler, safer, and more efficient. Through the evolution of many generations of controllers, our current V70 machine controller offers one of the most user-friendly experiences in the industry.

Convenience and Power in One

When upgrading to the V70 controller we wanted to make sure the user experience offered the ability to efficiently accomplish tasks, reduce error, and improve overall operation. 

The V70 controller is equipped with a variety of features and functions including:

  • Smart controls: Intuitive user experience with a 19’’ touch screen that offers color-coded speeds, pressures, timers, positions, and temperatures for easy recognition, controller screens laid out in the same orientation as the molding machine, and drag and drop icons to ensure consistent sequencing.


  • Easy visibility: Users can access more information, quicker with features like the split-screen offering unparalleled visibility of the molding process such as viewing the injection screen and injection graphic profile screen simultaneously, the ability to get to any screen in two touches or less, and a searchable machine manual in the onboard PDF library.


  • Customized experience: Customer-specific and customized information are easily accessible. Customers can design the screen layout to best fit their processing needs, the clamp sequence page offering a visual representation of clamp cycles to reduce operator error and 6 programmable machine outputs can be used to send signals to ancillary equipment such as color feeders, conveyors, etc.


  • Upgraded troubleshooting/maintenance tools: Quickly understand how to improve output with the cycle analysis screen to see where cycle time can be reduced, use the mold support function to help resolve quality defects, get automatic preventative maintenance reminders, and more.

Shibaura Machine understands that being able to streamline the workflow, from setup through production, can greatly impact a factory’s OEE. The V70 controller allows customers to minimize complexity without compromising the machine’s abilities. The controller gives users the ability to develop even the most sophisticated applications. Our SXIII series all-electric machines comes standard with the V70 controller.

Click below to learn more about the industry's most user-friendly controller platform!

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